Wire coil compacting and packing solution

wire coil comapact machine


wire coil comapact machine

After installating the galvanizing line, some of manufacturer find not wire coil packing solution in the workshop to replace the man work.

So they may active again for the packing solution that  would possible pressing the  galvanizing wire by machine.

Below is the description of the process  get with compacting and packing equipment.

1.      two types of rosette racks: first one – ID 320mm and OD 680mm and second one – ID 370mm and OD 820mm. Max weight – 1000 kg

2.      Racks with galvanized line will be relocated from take up machine to press machine by crane or forklift

3.      Press should with vertical with 10 tons of force to reach coil length 1000-1200 mm.

4.      After pressing each coil will be packed manually with PET tape by strapping machine with adding label.

5.      Press should have a functions: rotation of rack (to make strapping for comfortable) and moving the rack into horizontal position (for further transportation by forklift)

6.      Press should be design to put rack with the wire on the enough altitude to minimize bend down movements for stuff during strapping.

7.      Further packing (by paper or plastic) will be done manually. After full commissioning the line and reaching manufacturing goals we will purchase automatic line.

8.      Transportation from press to warehouse will be done by forklift or crane.

The pressing machine to meet requirements above to save manpower

also offer packing machine for packing wire coils with paper or plastic.

The more packing solution for the wire package, follow us.